Construction Made Simple

Cozy Cabin Co. package includes a complete working set of blueprints.
Your choice of foundation prints will be supplied.

Every home begins with a FOUNDATION. The first floor system is built
on top of a pressure treated SILL PLATE. After the first floor system is
completed, install a pressure treated STARTER PLATE. Lay the first course
of logs on top of the STARTER PLATE. Keep in mind to mark all
windows and door locations, for buck placement. Continue STACKING
the logs using the provided ACCESSORIES for ASSEMBLY. Finish
stacking the logs and install TOP PLATE. Setup the pre-assembled ROOF TRUSSES or ASSEMBLE the RAFTERS on top of the log wall in
accordance with your blueprints, local building codes and or the
manufacturers specifications. After completing the installation of your
rafters or trusses, you are ready to complete sheathing and finished
roofing. Frame the exterior gable end walls using desired sheathing
before attaching your log siding.

These basic steps are intended to give you an understanding of the process
that is required to erect your log home package.

Blueprints, construction details, a construction manual,
as well as helpful Technical Assistance via phone,
fax or e-mail is available from your
Cozy Cabin Representative